IP of asian DNS (NS3) was changed

IP of asian DNS (NS3) was changed. NS3 has migrated to another datacenter in Hong Kong (China). The new IP of NS3 is shown on the subscription page (https://dash.deepwebvpn.net/en/subscriptions/configs).

DDoS of DNS servers

Our DNS servers (NS1, NS2, NS3) are under DDoS now and they can be unstable today. Change DNS to another (https://docs.deepwebvpn.net/en/dns/servers#public) until the attack ends. We are already solving the issue. Thanks for understanding.

We have added new DNS server NS3

We have added new DNS server NS3. NS3 is located in Moscow (Russia) and it can be more suitable for the european VPN chains than NS2 (New York, US) as the second name server. Current list of all DNS servers and the real-time network status are available on the Network status page (https://network.deepwebvpn.net/en/ns, https://net.dwv.one/en/ns or Tor: http://net.deepwebvpnvvotmw.onion/en/ns).
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