Replacing JP1 by FR2

We replaced JP1 (Japan, Tokyo) with FR2 (France, Paris) and now we have pair FR2-US1 (Paris - Los Angeles). The pair Japan-USA was not so popular because the route across the Pacific is slow and has long ping. We hope route across the Atlantic will be more in demand. Update the configs please.

All configs: https://cabinet.deepwebvpn.net/downloads/all.zip
SingleRSA_FR2: https://cabinet.deepwebvpn.net/downloads/singlevpn/SingleRSA_FR2.ovpn
SingleECC_FR2: https://cabinet.deepwebvpn.net/downloads/singlevpn/SingleECC_FR2.ovpn
DoubleRSA_US1_FR2: https://cabinet.deepwebvpn.net/downloads/doublevpn/DoubleRSA_US1_FR2.ovpn
DoubleECC_US1_FR2: https://cabinet.deepwebvpn.net/downloads/doublevpn/DoubleECC_US1_FR2.ovpn
DoubleRSA_FR2_US1: https://cabinet.deepwebvpn.net/downloads/doublevpn/DoubleRSA_FR2_US1.ovpn
DoubleECC_FR2_US1: https://cabinet.deepwebvpn.net/downloads/doublevpn/DoubleECC_FR2_US1.ovpn
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